What is IPTV? How to Install and Watch IPTV on Your Own Device?

what is iptv





If you check Wikipedia, it tells you that IPTV means Internet Protocol Television by definition and keeps talking about why we, earthlings, no more need those bulky satellite dishes that make our houses look like extraplanetary telecommunication stations, all thanks to live TV streaming through the internet.

While Wikipedia is quite sufficient in proving the reader with all those nerdy stuff regarding how IPTV works and how telecommunication giants around the world have adopted this technology, it completely lacks providing any information regarding the dark side of IPTV.

By the time your finish reading this article, you will not only get to know the dark side of IPTV but also might even find yourself joining it.





What is IPTV?


what is iptv?

Satellite Dishes in Algeria (2016)

The ever-growing availability of broadband fast internet in almost every household throughout the last decade changed many of our habits. One of them is the way we watch television. We are witnessing a transition period that people have been switching from satellite TV to IPTV at an unprecedented level, similar to a former transition period that occurred a few decades ago when people started replacing their old rusty TV antennas with round satellite dishes. With each transition came new perks, advantages, and even disadvantages. Satellite TV brought crystal clear screen quality, way more channels than terrestrial TV, but on the other hand, it brought a subscription-based membership model which made watching premium TV content no more free. And then came IPTV. Watching television channels through the internet… without requiring long cables, climbing to rooftops after every stormy night to adjust the dishes, IPTV was superior and way more convenient. But is it perfect?


What are the pros and cons of IPTV?

Let’s begin with the limitations. The most prominent issue regarding IPTV is caused by its dependency on a reliable internet connection, thus requiring a minimum of 16 Mbit/s download speed for a competitive multi-channel TV service, which is not available to some potential customers. Even though this speed is available, considering the increasing bandwidth requirement due to other internet-dependent devices inside the household, it would be logical to at least double that speed requirement for an uninterrupted quality streaming. While we cannot talk about such interruption and loss of quality issues on Satellite TV due to low internet speed since it’s not dependent on an internet connection, we can observe those interruptions on Satellite TV on extremely cloudy and rainy days, which does not necessarily affect IPTV.

Another disadvantage of IPTV compared to other methods is the latency.  Most users would not care if they are watching the news or their favorite late-night talk shows 10 seconds behind, but it might be frustrating to hear your neighbor’s goal scream while watching the Champions League final, and 10 seconds later, you watch the same goal your neighbor was cheering on your own Television.

Although these limitations could turn some people away from IPTV, wait until you hear the advantages that might turn the scale towards the favor of IPTV. There surely must be really cool reasons why IPTV is taking the lead over other TV watching methods:


Watch On The Go

Thanks to the advancements in cellular data speed technologies in the last decade, we are no longer dependent on our home internet connections such as ASDL, VDSL, or Fiber in order to stream live or 0n-demand videos on our devices. As of 2020, 4G is available in almost every country in the world and 5G already having launched in some countries such as the USA and South Korea, it doesn’t take a genius to predict that IPTV market is going to be one of the booming markets of the next decade. Who wouldn’t want to watch the first half of their favorite football club’s live match on their mobile devices while taking the bus from work to home and then continue watching the second half at home on their big screen TV while chillaxing on the sofa with a beer in the hand?

watch iptv on mobile

A user watching a live football match on a mobile device

Video On Demand

Another cool thing about IPTV is that most services, such as TellyFlix, offer its customers a ton of video-on-demand content such as movies and TV-series along with live TV channels. At Tellyflix, we offer our clients more than 40000 VOD content ranging from blockbuster movies to the most popular TV-series both new and old. With a VOD service like that, offering a huge library in multiple languages, it becomes unnecessary to pay monthly subscription fees for services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, which offer only VOD content and not a single TV channel.


We have almost missed our favorite live sports events once in a while for some reason whether it’s an emergency, a health issue of a close relative, a dinner date with a potential future spouse, yada yada yada. Or maybe you are an ex-pat in a different continent and you miss your favorite live events all the time due to time zone difference. IPTV comes to your help. Most IPTV services our there offer their customers catch-up services ranging from 24-hours to 7-days, so you can replay a pre-broadcasted program anytime you want within this time range. I think it’s so cool (if you can avoid spoilers lol)


As you probably know, with other traditional methods to watch TV television, we have always been stuck to one device. TV has been like our refrigerator. If we wanted a cold beer, we had to go and get it there from the fridge. Actually, it hasn’t changed. TV is still like our refrigerator. We cannot move it around as we like. However, TV is not the only device with a screen anymore. We now have other devices with screens such as tablets, computers, and mobile phones. Any device with a screen means a tool to watch IPTV. A whole family can enjoy IPTV. Father watches UFC on the TV, mother watches the late-night show on her MacBook, and kids watch their favorite movies through VOD. IPTV brings freedom of choice to the whole family.

The Dark Side

Everyone has two sides. Good and evil. Haha. No. But IPTV surely has two sides. And the most importaniptv servicereason that makes IPTV so special and unique is this. The dark side of IPTV. It’s the ultimate freedom of watching television. It’s the borderless, boundless access to everything the entertainment world has to offer; a magic lamp of Aladdin.


The Dark Side of IPTV


Back in the early 2000s, Mp3 killed paid music and opened the doors of a whole new world where we could now listen to each and every song for free. It was around the same time something else was also dying. DVD movies. Torrenting and online video streaming, both for free, put an end to an era when we used to visit our local DVD shops and rent or buy those boxes of DVDs. The same applies to video games. A luxury for some was slowly and steadily becoming an easily accessible abundance in every part of the world that had access to the internet. Well, it was indeed the internet that revolutionized our digital lives, not the mp3 or the torrent. The Internet brought the key to access free information and entertainment. The live television channels stage of this revolution would take a little bit longer to come into existence than the others, since a stronger, stable, and faster internet infrastructure was essential for this revolution to occur. But in the end, it would happen.

Beyond the Boundaries

The dark side of IPTV was born after the internet infrastructure was ready to handle the bandwidth required to stream IPTV channels properly. It came at a time when the media giants were charging top dollars to provide their channels through satellite broadcasts to their clients. To make things even worse, in some countries at least, providers were competing with each other to gain the official rights to broadcast popular sports events, which forced customers to subscribe to more than one provider in case they wanted to follow different sports such as Formula 1, UFC, or NBA. Moreover, the greediness of those providers was growing so large that they invented something called PPV (pay-per-view), through which they charged crazy amounts to provide a single sports event, often no longer than 90-minutes. Furthermore, since most of these providers had still not adopted themselves to the developing IPTV technologies, they were still using traditional systems to deliver their broadcasts. Therefore, ex-pats living in different continents could not find a way to subscribe to these services, since it would be technically impossible to deliver those broadcasts through traditional methods.

All of these reasons combined paved the way for the success of IPTV. Each year, millions of people canceled their subscriptions to join the dark side. IPTV provided way more advantages with much less cost. Customers now do not have to subscribe to multiple providers in order to follow different sports event, because IPTV brings them all together in one platform. IPTV even provides PPV events. It’s not possible to miss any live sports event with IPTV. Although giant providers recently caught up with the IPTV technologies, ex-pats who used to suffer from the lack of service in their remote locations in the past and found the remedy through IPTV, have become loyal and did not give up on their saviors to embrace the giant TV network companies that only recently came to their rescue. Another revolution the dark side of IPTV brought to our lives is that it removed the boundaries and managed to bring together TV channels from all around the world, easily accessible from a single membership.

Today, Tellyflix offers its subscribers more than 10000 TV channels from over 50 countries along with thousands of video-on-demand contents in multiple languages, PPV sports channels, and hundreds of adult contents. You can take a sneak peek at these limitless entertainment options of the dark side without any commitment and any payment details for 24 hours straight! Simply fill the form below and you will get your 24-hour trial details in a few hours:



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